Web development & web programming

What do the terms web development & web programming mean ?

Web development & web programming

Web development is the programming and maintenance of complex websites such as online shops, portals or social media. The appearance and function of web pages are particularly important for the acceptance and success of the pages. Our web developers preferably use the following tools to implement your web projects.

PHP - versatile programming language for dynamic websites

PHP is a universal scripting language based on the syntax of C and Perl. The scripting language is widespread and used to create dynamic web applications and web pages. PHP excellently supports database systems such as MySQL, has numerous function libraries and is suitable for the integration of internet protocols. In most cases, a PHP framework is used for the development of new web projects. The best known frameworks are Symfony, FuelPHP, CakePHP and Zend.

MySQL - relational databases

MySQL is one of the world's most widely used database systems. The open source software may be used by anyone. MySQL is the basis for building dynamic websites. MySQL is mostly used together with the Apache web server and the PHP programming language.

SQL - the database language

SQL is a language, that has been specially developed for the definition of databases as well as for modifying, inserting or deleting databases. The Structured Query Language (SQL) is based on relational algebra and is suitable for managing large amounts of data. Programming distinguishes between static and dynamic SQL.

jQuery – the free JavaScript library

When it comes to navigation or manipulation of data in the development of a website, jQuery is generally used. jQuery is a free library of Java functions, that is used on many websites. In frameworks like Joomla and Drupal jQuery is already integrated.

Ajax – data transfer between browser and server

Ajax is a technology for asynchronous data transmission. With Ajax it is possible to display an HTML page and simultaneously perform an HTTP request and modify the page without reloading it. Since 2005, Ajax has played a major role in the development of websites.

JavaScript – for dynamic websites

The scripting language JavaScript was developed for dynamic websites. With JavaScript it is possible to generate, reload or modify content from websites. JavaScript is object-oriented and can be used not only for web pages, but also as a functional programming language.

Web programming – a combination of design and function

Web programming refers to the structural, visual and functional design of websites. Web programming is still a young discipline and is sometimes called web development. In addition to design, web programming also includes the transport and processing of information.