PHP programming

What does the term PHP programming mean ?

The programming language PHP is used in over 200 million websites.

Things to know about PHP programming

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor – originally Personal Home Page Tool) is a scripting language with a syntax similar to C and Perl. The programming language PHP is mainly used to create dynamic websites and web applications. PHP is characterized by its broad database support and is used today on almost all web servers.

PHP application areas

The programming language PHP, which has existed for over 20 years, is a free development that is used in over 200 million websites. PHP is used as a web-based framework to generate images, flash animations or PDF files, to collect form data or to apply databases. Furthermore, well-known content management systems such as Joomla, TYPO3, WordPress or Contao are based on PHP. PHP programming is also used for writing desktop applications, online shops, guest books and dedicated hosting applications.

Typing the scripting language

PHP programs run under Windows, Linux, Mac Os and various Unix operating systems. Therefore they are very flexible. Unlike client-side JavaScript, a PHP program is executed by the server and is relatively easy to learn. The command line programming makes it possible to execute a PHP program without the help of a browser or server. For the PHP programmer, the most commonly used programming language for websites also has the advantage of exchanging complex data. Almost all PHP programs are applied to exchange data between user and server. PHP programmers preferably use data from databases like MySQL.