PHP programmer

Below you can find more information about the work of a PHP programmer.

Our PHP programmers and their tasks

The fields of activity as PHP programmer, software developer and web developer are varied. As software developers, we work in interdisciplinary teams, including marketing strategists, designers, conceptionists and system administrators.

Our web developers and PHP programmers develop all kinds of applications for the internet, for example mobile apps, search engines, guestbooks, online shops or cloud based solutions.

Functionality of PHP

Almost all of our developments use the server-side programming language (script language) PHP, the code is written by our PHP programmers and then integrated into the HTML code of your web pages, for example. PHP offers the cross-platform advantage, that no specific browser or operating system is required to execute the script. PHP is universally applicable.

For your website visitors the PHP code is neither visible, nor can it be downloaded. This allows our PHP programmers to hide passwords in the source code. The disadvantage of PHP is, that every single PHP page has to be reinterpreted by the server every time it is called up. This puts load on the server. The license-free programming language PHP, which was developed in 1995 and is often referred to as an interpreter, is also suitable for setting up forums and chat rooms. To execute a PHP file, a server service and an interface are required in addition to the interpreter, so that the interpreter can communicate with the server. Together with the operating system, and / or a MYSQL database, the file can then be executed and quickly access extensive data.

Databases and frameworks

The biggest advantage of PHP for web developers and PHP programmers is probably the manifold support of databases such as MySQL, Oracle or MSSQL. Furthermore, the use of web-specific frameworks such as Zend, Symfony, CakePHP or CodeIgniter provides enormous flexibility for our software developers to create dynamic websites and web applications that are all based on PHP.